There is no other way, you need to advertise

Who can deny this saying kontempoter? Indeed, indeed not easy to make a compromise between the ideals with the reality of life, coordinate lifelong identification with the daily challenges in business. Sometimes business is rotten. 

Namin, Joe vitale, the author of the book "the seven lost secrets of success" (2007) reveal that the history of Bruce Barton a Messiah who make a business out of the United States inspiration Depression Era and CEO to help the United States through a recession. The first view, is the power of big business for a positive change! Business teacher is extraordinary! Business is the perfect teacher! Create a business risk you are taking, emotional control, a difficult person, and learn the balance. Business show your fear and challenge you to address them. Show your business dreams and challenges you to achieved. Even business will save the world. Barton believes that the responsible action in the business can help us create a world where everyone has the opportunity will be peace, happiness, progress and prosperity. Second, the strength of the education in the modern business life is ad! "Prescription" in the new Barton really evident when the U.S. Great Depression in the 1930's. While most companies stop advertising there, a small part of the continued advertising because the advice or inspired by writings Barton-time such as this step does not appear reasonable because clearly - are clear that the crisis was still exist to this day. So, there is no other way, you have to advertise, he said.

The question is, how the ads? There are two Barton advice that we feel worthy of ethics in advertising. First, believe that "the public have a sixth sense which is able to feel the insincerity, and we're playing the fire while trying to make other people believe in the things that we do not believe it. However, we will reap what we plant "(Barton 1925). Second, believe that "money has a habit of pursuing avoid them too hard, and near to the people who do not understand that" (Barton 1928). Clearly string of words is not straightforward. There is a secret knowledge there. Knowledge, bud real, legal, "who sow seeds, he reap" and also "the law of attraction"

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  1. a very nice article especially about the idea of promoting and advertising!!



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