Competency standards for bankers

The Indonesia Bankers Association (IBI) is formulating the latest competency standards for bankers in the hope of strengthening their skills and capacities to adopt best banking practices - to help equip the sector to deal with future crises. We have processed this draft for a year. This will be our fifth banking competency standard. The certification revolves around general banking practices and will be the fifth competency standard introduced by the grouping. 

The previous four banking competency standards are also on wealth management, dealing with treasury, auditor training and risk management - and all of these have been verified and approved by the central bank, Manpower Ministry and the Indonesian Professional Certification Authority (BNSP) for certification. 

This convention is to gather information, opinions and ideas about this draft. When this competency standard is ready, banking officers or banking school students can learn about general banking and join the certification test which is held periodically. The draft on general banking contains various stages, from planning the right steps in carrying out tasks to adopting evaluation processes on how the tasks have been carried out. 

Bank Indonesia (BI) banking research and regulation official Halim Alamsyah, who also attended the forum, said that BI was in full support of the draft on general banking, saying this draft was important to improve human resources in the banking sector. 

We need more improvements in the banking sector since we were hit by the crisis about ten years ago. The certification would bring many benefits for local bankers, in particular given the influx of foreign bankers. "In the future, every banker has to pass this general banking competency standard, including foreign ones.

And things could only get better now that IBI, in partnership with the central bank and other relevant institutions, would continue to pursue additional certification requirement for bankers. Now a banker who works for a bank has to equip himself or herself with this competency certification. And it will prove that they are a good and professional banker. After the standardization of general banking requirements, IBI will also standardize requirements on other topics, including financial services as well as credit and management. 
Source: THE JAKARTA POST , JAKARTA | Fri, 05/08/2009 1:21 PM | Business 

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