Make Dream big

Dream big, big goal, make many people confused, where to start? Why not be divided and completed section by section.
When we have a target of 100 million in annual commissions, for the 12 months to 10 million a month. With consideration of the year there are two months we can not optimal due to holidays or vacations.

Divide and resolve some of each stage allows us to regulate the activity, time and support other tasks. Large target makes us depressed and threatened. The focus on smaller goals more easily conquered. Our goal is a collection of small targets.

So do we divide the time each day, 1440 minutes per day. 480 minutes for sleep, the rest of our goal for 960 minutes in all areas of life, family, social, spiritual, employment, and education.

Divide the goal into the target section monthly, weekly and daily, so that your activities are also divided in the size of the minutes and hours each day.
Accepting reality is a necessity not an option. Accept what is, not as we want. Lie destructive progress, compromising the character and disrupt relationships. The truth of reality must be accepted as fact what it is.

Truth and reality are often hurtful, difficult and bitter. Accept the fact, that important of all will end. Sounds simple but not easy to accept the truth and live with an open mind. Acknowledging the failures, accept change and the need to throw things owned and liked.

Acting on the truth means saying and doing things that are not popular. Reality does not always go as we expect. To make the right decisions get accurate information and accept reality.

Why pretend?
Why hide from reality?
Is there an unwelcome reality?

Accept the fact we are moving towards a goal, in contrast to deny us away from the goal. Success requires honesty with ourselves and others, willing to accept inconvenience to face reality and truth. Intellectual honesty, discipline and commitment we make unrealistic.

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